Glamglow Dreamduo Overnight Transforming Treatment review

Glamglow Dreamduo Overnight Transforming Treatment review, Glamglow Middle East

Would it be wrong to say that Glamglow has become the world’s most popular face mask brand ?  The brand offers a range of masks to suit different skin types and now they are expanding their skincare empire with the introduction of a collection of moisturising treatments including this intensive overnight treatment. 

Dreamduo is a two step treatment that’s suitable for all skin types and it’s designed to provide the skin an intense boost of hydration while plumping it up.   

Glamglow Dreamduo Overnight Transforming Treatment review, Glamglow Middle East

Step 1 (Dreamserum) – contains a pearly, lightweight serum with Coffee and Green Tea Leaf Teaoxi (a patent owned by Glamglow for their Real Leaf technology), antioxidants and vitamins. 

Step 2 (Dreamseal) – a gel cream that contains a blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Mozuku Green Algae .

How to use – Apply step 1 let it absorb for around 30 seconds and then follow up with step 2.

Most skincare products have a hard time living up to their lofty promise and this was the first time I’ve used a Glamglow product so I didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve never tried a product like this before but I was curious about it.  

I have very oily skin, however, my acne treatment regime and a bout of Influenza had left it dry and irritated. 

I applied the step 1 on slightly damp skin and patted it in until it was absorbed.  Then I followed it up by step 2.  Both treatments are quickly absorbed in to the skin and are very very light. Almost immediately, I could see a difference in my skin.  It looked plumped up and had a lovely glow to it.  And best of all, the glow was still there the next morning ! 

I’ve been using this treatment for the past few weeks (2/3 a week) and I love the results.   It hasn’t caused any clogged pores and my skin looks healthier.  And my foundation goes on smoother.  And I forget to mention that this treatment smells like Oranges and Vanilla , which makes applying it such a pleasure !

At $59.00, it is quite an investment, but you might want to consider adding this to your skincare routine if you are looking for a product to add that extra little boost to your skin.   And as you only need a small amount every time, the 20g jar would last quite a while.

The Glamglow Dreamduo Overnight Transforming Treatment is available exclusively from Sephora store’s in the UAE and from 


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