My first facial peel with PCA Skin

PCA SKIN  Peel at Anantara the Palm Spa Dubai
The PCA Skin products used for my peel

For me, the term “facial peel ” conjures up terrifying images of peeling bloody skin and couldn’t imagine going through such torture just for the sake of better skin.

Then, a few months back PCA Skin was launched in Dubai and I found out that they offer a range of facial peels that are quite different from the regular chemical peels. These peels rely on a combination of Lactic acid, Salicylic acid, Kojic acid, Citric acid and Resorcinol and are much more gentle on the skin rather than the traditional chemical peels.  PCA Skin even offers a peeling treatment for people with sensitive skin.

I went for my treatment at the beautiful Anantara the Palm spa – a lush green resort that’s far removed from the hustle and bustle of Dubai..

PCA SKIN  Peel at Anantara the Palm Spa Dubai
The gorgeous spa at Anantara the Palm

PCA SKIN  Peel at Anantara the Palm Spa Dubai

Before my treatment, I had a quick consultation with my lovely therapist who questioned me about my skin type, the products I use and allergies etc. She assured me that that the whole process is relatively painless and the reaction would depend on how sensitive my skin was.  I have very oily skin with hormonal cystic acne on my jawline and it’s not sensitive at all. I was recommended the peel for acne prone skin, which promotes and accelerates the healing of acne blemishes and relives congestion.

The whole process was very quick and took only around 30 minutes !  My skin was cleansed and toned  (using the PCA range for acne prone skin) and the peeling solution was applied.   As soon as it was applied, I could feel a intense stinging sensation and my eyes started watering.  Thankfully it did not last that long.  

After the peeling treatment absorbs in to the skin, a strong sunscreen is applied on top and you are done.  I was so surprised to see that my face looked normal (I thought it would be red) and a few painful cystic acne bumps had completely disappeared !

I was also expecting my skin to start peeling straight away but I was told it would start in a day or two.  
I was told not to wash my face for 7-8 hours so that the peel has time to work it’s magic.  

It’s important to remember that with a peel aftercare is very important (as the skin that emerges from a peel is fragile and sensitive).  I was also told to use a gentle cleanser (Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Cleansing Foam) , a healing moisturiser (La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Blumenthal B5) and sunscreen (Eucerin Sunday Gel Crème SPF 50). And I was advised not to wear any makeup until the peeling subsided.  

As my therapist predicted, my face started peeling on the second day.  It wasn’t so bad then but by the 4th day, my face looked like it had spiderwebs hanging off it 🙂  There peeling wasn’t painful but I couldn’t go out because of it (I get enough stares as it is thanks to my acne).  Thankfully I got this done over a long weekend so I could hibernate at home..

On the 4th day – not a pretty sight (no filter🙈). And please ignore my expression, I hate taking selfies 😶

And by the 6th day, the peeling stopped and my skin was back to normal.  After the peeling stopped,  I could see a visible difference in my skin.  I’ve got decades old pitted acne scarring on both my cheeks and they looked much more smoother.  Also some of my post acne pigmentation had faded and my skin had a healthy glow.  However, I got a few more cystic pimples on my chin & forehead after a couple of days.  I guess it was due to something called purging (deep exfoliation brings out whatever that’s underneath your skin, including blocked pores)

All things considered I am pretty happy with this treatment and I was told that for best results it should be combined with regular facials.  The only negative is the peeling that one has to endure for a couple of days.  If you have problematic skin like mine, the results are worth it.  But if you have ultra sensitive skin, first check with the therapist to see if it’s suitable for your skin type.

The PCA Skin peels are available at a couple of places in Dubai including Anantara the Palm.   Please call +97144370669 for more information

PCA SKIN  Peel at Anantara the Palm Spa Dubai
These PCA Skin products were recommended for my aftercare

Anantara the Palm Spa Dubai


Anantara the Palm Spa in Dubai
After every treatment, the guests are taken to a lounge where they can relax and munch on dates and sip ginger tea

3 thoughts on “My first facial peel with PCA Skin

  1. I’ve wanted to get a peel! But I would have to do it over a long weekend (like you did) or take time off work. I would not want walk around with hanging skin! 😛
    Glad that you saw visible results. My friends got peels and they love it too.

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