The Browgal by Tonya Crooks – A brand introduction

The browgal by Tonya Crooks - review

If you have ever lusted after the perfect brows of Megan Fox or Julia Roberts, you are admiring the masterwork of Tonya Crooks!  A classically trained makeup artist, she earned an reputation as the go to “browgal” for celebrities and the beauty industry.  Other than the stars mentioned above, she has worked her magic on a host of A list beauties including Eva Mendes,  Jenna Dewan Tatum and Gweneth Paltrow.

While working on her clients,  Tonya found out that eyebrow pencils in the market didn’t have a wide shade range and that their texture was too creamy.  So she set out to develop her own range of brow products.  The collection includes brow pencils (in 5 shades to suit all skin and hair colours), two highlighter pencils,  a clear brow gel, a tweezer and brow scissors.  There’s also a pack of files to sharpen the tweezers and the scissors.

The browgal by Tonya Crooks - review


Eyebrow Pencil in 01

The browgal Eyebrow Pencil review and swatches

I am not a fan of thick painted on caterpillar brows (also known as the Instagram brow 😄) and to me this eyebrow pencil is perfect. The texture is a little dry but very easy to apply (use light feathery strokes).  The end result is soft and very natural.  Use the Eyebrow Gel to seal in the pigment so that it will be water and sweat resistant.

The pencil also comes with a built-in sharpener and a spoolie brush.

The browgal Eyebrow Pencil review and swatches
Eyebrow Pencil in shade 01


Eyebrow Gel

The Browgal Eyebrow Gel by Tonya Crooks review

This is a clear brow gel that can be used alone or on top of brow pencils or powders to make them sweat and waterproof.  Thanks to this my brows stayed put even with the extreme heat and humidity in Dubai.

Highlighter Pencil in 01

The Browgal Highlighter Pencil by Tonya Crooks review


This double ended pencil has a matte shade in one end and a shimmery shade on the other.  The shimmer side can be used to highlight your brow area and your face.  The cream matte colour also does double duty as a regular concealer.   And you use it to disguise small brow hairs between tweezing.

The Highlighter pencils are available in two shades.  No 1 a shimmery pink(champagne) and a creamy pink (cherub) and No 2 a shimmery gold and a creamy yellow shade.

The Browgal by Tonya Crooks - swatches of the Eyebrow Pencil in 01 and Highlighter Pencil in 01
Swatches from top to bottom – The Highlighter Pencil in cherub,  champagne and the Eyebrow Pencil in 01


Tweezers,  Scissors and the Sharpner

The Browgal by Tonya Crooks at Harvey Nicholas - A review

These tweezers are custom-made using stainless steel by an Italian knife company specially for Tonya Crooks and has a precision slanted tip that can pluck out the smallest hairs. I tried using mine a couple of times and I found them much more easy to use than my regular tweezers.

These scissors are designed to trim excess brow hairs.  Just like the tweezers,  these are made from stainless steel and was custom designed by Tonya.  I found that they fitted in to my hands easily and the tiny blade was great at snipping off even the smallest rouge hairs.

Both tools are available in a black matte shade that looks cool but functional (so that even men folk can use them).  And since they are made from stainless steel,  you don’t have to worry about the blades rusting.

As tweezer blades dull over time,  you can use a sharpening file to bring them back to life.

The Browgal also sells a double barreled pencil sharper that you can use for the eyebrow pencil and the highlighter pencil.

Second Chance Brow Enhancement Serum 

The Browgal Second Chance Eyebrow Enhancement Serum by Tonya Crooks

This serum contains a patent pending green” Restoplex technology along and promises to give visible results (full and healthy brows) in 4 weeks.   It comes with a unique 3 speed vibrating brush that helps increase circulation and deliver the serum deep in to the roots of the brows.

The serum is very watery so always keep the tube upright when taking out the wand or it might spill.  Though I have very thick brows, I have a small bald patch and I hope this will help grow it back (so fingers crossed!).

My browgal experience at the Beauty Bar at Harvey Nicholas Dubai 



The Browgal counter at Harvey Nicholas Dubai

Harvey Nicholas is the exclusive retailer for the browgal in Dubai.  So while you are shopping,  you can stop by for a quick brow shaping session with one of their experts (it takes around 15 minutes).  You can choose to have your session either at their funky beauty bar or in the privacy of one of their chic treatment rooms!

I met the gorgeous Rebecca,  the brand’s regional specialist for a very special brow grooming session.  One look at her gorgeous brows and I knew I was in good hands!   My  brows were quite bushy and she deftly twezzed and trimmed them in to shape.  Afterwards,  she chose the Eyebrow Pencil in shade 01 and the Highlighter Pencil in shade no 01 to fill in my brows and added a touch of highlighter to the arch of my eyebrows.    A quick brush through with the Brow gel and I was done.  My brows were full and defined but still looked natural.   The brow colour was so soft and subtle that it looked like I wasn’t wearing any makeup!  Needless to say I left my session grinning happily 🙂 

The browgal at Harvey Nicholas review
Before (bottom)  and after (top)

I loved my brow session and the products used and the end result.   So do stop by the Browgal counter at Harvey Nicholas if your brows are in need of a rescue or just for a brow clean-up.  The full collection of Browgal products are available there and the brow tech will teach you how best to use the products!


Related information –

Harvey Nicholas is located at the Mall of Emirates and the Browgal counter is located on the ground floor (beauty floor).

Follow The Browgal ( click here) and Harvey Nicholas Dubai  (click here) to follow them on Instagram.

For more information about the products, please click here


The browgal at the Harvey Nicholas Dubai

All done!  With the stunning Rebecca Dutton of The Browgal


The Harvey Nicholas Dubai Beauty Bar
The Beauty Bar at Harvey Nicholas Dubai (image courtesy of Harvey Nicholas Dubai Instagram)



16 thoughts on “The Browgal by Tonya Crooks – A brand introduction

      1. Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll see if they will deliver to Dubai. But sadly things go missing all the time here. Proactive usually helps but the main culprit is my hormone levels and PCOS , which after my pituitary tumour is always going up and down 😦

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  1. They sell The BrowGal products at a nearby department store here in Toronto and the one item that I’ve been so tempted by are those scissors! They feel so nice in the hands and I love the matte black finish. But I won’t be using them for my brows (because I barely have any hairs, never mind the need to trim anything!) – I’d want to use them for cuticles. 😛
    I have to take a closer look at their brow pencils – I agree, many of the brows on the market are too creamy. I much prefer a stiffer pencil, hence why I use the Shu Uemura Hard pencil. Your “after” brows look fantastic! I love that they didn’t make your brows all thin and super arched! 🙂

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    1. I am so glad you got a chance to try out their products. I love the scissors too, tough I use them to snip my unruly brows 😄 And have you tried the felt tip brow pen from Soap and Glory? It gives very natural results too..

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