Kozma and Kozma – the happy place for curly girls!



All my life,  I’ve been dealing with my mop of frizzy curls and it has not been easy.   I am from Sri Lanka,  a country where smooth straight hair is considered beautiful and curly hair in thought of as untidy and unattractive.   “you would be so pretty if you have straight hair”  was a comment I heard a lot!

And getting my hair cut has always been an anxiety ridden nightmare.  All the stylists I’ve been to have cut my hair wet or after blow drying so I can never figure out how it will look afterwards.

So after a while I gave up going to salons and stated growing my hair and trimming it myself.   While it looked okay, the long length weighed down my curls, making them look quite droopy.

I would have gone on with my hippy hair had I not discovered Kozma and Kozma – a über chic salon that specialises in curly hair.  They have several options but if you are like me, I suggest the curly lesson + cut.   This way you get some valuable tips about how to care and style your curls.

The lavish reception area
Take your pick 😀

Kozma and Kozma Dubai

The salon is very luxurious with quirky touches here and there.  There’s a candy bar in the reception where you can sip a delicious mocktail (I choose a virgin Pina Colada) while waiting for your appointment.  The candy bar is pretty amazing with a mouth-watering array of candies from jelly beans to gummy bears. 

My stylist was Julia, the gorgeous curly hair specialist at Kozma and Kozma.   After a quick consultation,  she explained to me that curly hair should always be cut dry as it makes the curls more even.

The requisite “before”  photo 🙂

She then led me to the most opulent shampoo chair I’ve ever seen (it was more like a lounge chair).  It was so comfy, I almost dozed off while she washed and conditioned my hair while teaching me the best way to apply conditioner /de-tangle.   And uunlike other stylists I’ve been to,  Julia was so gentle with my hair.  

Kozma and Kozma Dubai
My beautiful stylist Julia working her magic!


Kozma and Kozma Dubai
Waiting for my hair to dry

After applying a curl enhancing cream, Julia sectioned off my curls in mini clips (which are exclusive to the salon)  and left it to dry.  And then she snipped each individual curl so that by the time she was done, I was left with smooth, glossy,  separated curls.

Kozma and Kozma Dubai

Kozma and Kozma Dubai

It’s been two weeks since then and I’ve been following all the techniques Julia teached me and my hair has never looked better!   I’ve had so many strangers complimenting on my hair and asking me if I used a curling wand to get those even curls.   Which just goes to show what a whiz Julia is!  I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat (she does regular hair) and I will definitely go back for my next cut:)

Kozma and Kozma offers a vast range of hair care,  skincare and nail services including a rainbow coloured Unicorn pedicure and a Snowman mani.  The salon is located in Jumeirah on Al Wasal Road and can contact them on 971-565544534 / 0565544535 for any queries.  You can also follow them on their very colourful Instagram account.

Please do scroll below for more photos 🙂

Kozma and Kozma Dubai
The fabulous shampoo chair!
Kozma and Kozma Dubai
One of the treatment rooms


Kozma and Kozma Dubai

Kozma and Kozma Dubai


Kozma and Kozma Dubai


Kozma and Kozma Dubai
Curly hair essentials from Paul Mitchell (available for purchase)





6 thoughts on “Kozma and Kozma – the happy place for curly girls!

  1. What a fun place! That dryer looks like a torture contraption but wow, your hair looks wonderful at the end. Such nicely defined curls! Glad you have been able to follow their instructions to maintain your hair!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, It reminded me of those brain washing devices that you see on sci-fi movies 😄 Julia said that curly hair is better when it’s left to dry by itself so they use this instead of a hair dryer. Thank you!! Her iinstructions were very easy to follow and I only need those clips and my trusty curl cream 🙂


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