Filorga Skin Absolute Day and Optimum Eye Contour review

Filorga Skin Absolute Day cream and Optimum Eye Contour review
Filorga Skin Absolute Day cream and Optimum Eye Contour

One of the things I love about being a beauty blogger is that I get the chance to explore new brands and products.  And Filorga is one such brand that I got to try a couple of months back and I fell in love with their products.

Filorga is a French skincare brand that was founded 38 years ago by Dr. Michel Tordjman.   He must have been quite ahead of the times as he developed a Hyaluronic acid based injectable products long before before Hyaluronic acid became a must have skincare ingredient. 

The brand has an extensive range of non surgical anti-ageing products (or Medi Cosmetiques as Filorga calls them). And I got to try two of their products – the Skin Absolute Day cream and the Optimum Eye Contour.  I have used both for around three months so that I can give an honest review about them.

Skin Absolute Day cream 

Filorga Skin Absolute Day cream and Optimum Eye Contour review
Filorga Skin Absolute Day cream

This cream has the most luxurious packaging I’ve ever seen. It’s packaged in a square glass jar with its own stand so that you can display it on your vanity. The white lid is stamped with the Filorga logo.  There’s also a tiny spatula so that you can scoop out the cream without using fingers.

Made for all skin types,  this cream contains ingredients such as white sapphire,  repairing enzymes and hyaluronic acid and NCTF (a patented blend of ingredients that’s unique to the brand).  And promises to address issues such as wrinkles,  lack of firmness,  rough skin tone and improve skin tone and radiance in 30 days.

The ingredient list sounds very high-tech and interested me the most  was that it contains something called Extremozymes. Which can transform UV and infrared rays in to energy which in turn can boost cellular activity.   Sounds very futuristic doesn’t it?

The cream is white and fluffy with a light gel like texture.  It has a light scent that reminds me of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea.  It gets absorbed very quickly and leaves behind a smooth matte finish which is great because I have very oily skin.   Plus it plumps my skin and adds a subtle glow.   This cream also works very well as a makeup primer.   I think maybe that’s because it contains Dimethiconol – A silicone based polymer ( most smoothing primers contain some form of silicon).

I wore this continuously for the past three months except for a couple of weeks when I went to Sri Lanka (the jar was too heavy and fragile to carry).  My skin can get a little dry and irritated because of Proactive and this helped moisturise my skin without breaking me out. It also makes my blemishes heal faster and helps fade my post acne pigmentation a little bit quicker (my marks takes around 6-7 months to fade).  Since I do not have any prominent wrinkles or sagging skin, i cannot comment if this will work on those issues.

As this day cream does not have a specific sunscreen protection factor I prefer to use a sunscreen on top of the cream (I wear Eucerin’s Sun Gel Creme for oily skin).

In a way I am kind of bummed that i like this cream so much because it is quite expensive – the 50ml jar costs AED 680 – ouch!  As a housewife, my beauty budget is somewhat limited but if I had cash to splash,  I would definitely be buying this again.  This also has a matching night cream with the same sleek packaging.   But the cream itself is a cool black colour 🙂

Optimum Eye Contour 

Filorga Skin Absolute Day cream and Optimum Eye Contour review
Filorga Optimum Eye Contour

Just like the day cream, this eye contour lotion contains a blend of high-tech ingredients including NCTF that’s supposed to minimise wrinkles,  puffiness and dark circles.

I love the packaging of this product !   It has a concealed twist up pump that delivers the perfect amount of product.  One pump is enough to cover both eyes.

Filorga Skin Absolute Day cream and Optimum Eye Contour review

Unlike some eye creams, this has a very thin consistency and is quickly absorbed.  It feels very cooling and refreshing and has the same light green tea scent which I love.  As this is so light, I can wear my concealer on top of this lotion without worrying about creasing.

I usually get puffy eyes in the morning’s but continued use of this has helped immensely with that problem.   My eye area looks smoother and more hydrated.  Which is good because it costs a whopping AED 285 for 15ml!  I’ve used a lot of mediocre eye creams which didn’t give me any visible results but I am pretty happy with this!

In Dubai, there are so many luxury skincare brands available if you are willing to splurge.  Sometimes a high price tag does not guarantee results.  But I am pretty happy with the two products I tried from Filorga.   I’ve got a few more of their products in my wish list including their Sleep and Peel (which I’ve read some great reviews from fellow bloggers) , the Scrub Mask O2 Gel which is a scrub that transforms in to a bubble mask (which is very popular now) and the BB cream which has an amazing balm like feel and has a great skin like finish !

And unlike some luxury brands,  Filorga is easily available from most pharmacies in the Middle East including Boots and BinSina.  You can also purchase their products from Basharacare website.

Thank you so much for reading and hope you have a great weekend!




7 thoughts on “Filorga Skin Absolute Day and Optimum Eye Contour review

    1. Well,you will notice a smoothing /softening of the wrinkles after just one day! For dark circles – it depends. If your dark circles are genetic, it won’t make much difference but otherwise you’ll see a difference after about 1-2 weeks


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