Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist review

Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist review
Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist review


I love face mists and always keep one in my bag,  specially during the summer months.   Mostly because when it’s hot,  my face ends up a greasy, sweaty mess.   And facial mists are a great way to refresh your skin without actually washing it.   Just spritz away and lightly dab with a tissue (which is what I do when my face is very sweaty).

There are quite a number of facial mists in the market butvery few cater to people with oily,  acne prone skin like mine.  Shiseido’s Ibuki Quick Fix Mist is suitable for all skin types but works great on oily skin.  Which makes sense as the Ibuki range is more suited for those with combination / oily skin.

Ibuki means “inner strength”  in Japanese and the range seeks to improve skin’s natural resistance which results in smooth,  imperfection free skin.

Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist review
Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist review

The Ibuki Mist contains Majoram extract that helps fight dehydration.  Plus it’s Anti-Shine complex and PhytoTarget complex improves the overall appearance of skin while strengthening it against external stressors.

The mist is packaged in a very lightweight clear plastic bottle (50ml).   Unlike most face mists,  the Ibuki mist has a thicker almost gel like consistency – quite similar to a facial essence.

To use the spray just hold it about 15cm away from your face and spritz.   Just one or two spritzes is enough to cover your whole face.  And then leave the liquid to sink in to your skin.

It’s extremely hot in Dubai right now and every time I step out of the AC, my face is left a sweaty mess.   I substituted my regular face mist (Evian) for this and the results were pretty good.  The spritz smells so fresh (like a mix of green tea and flowers ) and cools down my skin instantly.  It also takes away the excess shine without disturbing my makeup.  This mist can also be used to set makeup while adding a light hydrating boost to the skin.  As this worked so well with my skin, I am actually thinking of getting a few more products from the Ibuki line.

If you like fancy facial mists like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir you might want to give this a try.   But if you have dry or sensitive skin,  please try at the store before buying.

Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist costs AED 140 and is available from all Shiseido counters in UAE (including Sephora, Wojooh and Bloomingdales Dubai)

Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist review

  1. I didn’t even know Shiseido came out with this product! I love facial mists! And I do like the Ibuki line quite a bit. Unfortunately I just looked up the ingredients of this one and it contains alcohol denat – I try to stay away from alcohol in my facial mists / toners these days as I find it dehydrating on my skin. Too bad!
    Here’s the ingredient list if you’re curious:

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    1. There’s a new sleeping mask too! Oh, that’s too bad. And I’ve read a couple of reviews where people had said it made their skin dry so maybe it was because of this. I think because my skin is so oily it can handle it 🙂


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