A review of Izil Beauty Golden Glow Face Mask

Izil Beauty Golden Glow Face Mask review
Izil Beauty Golden Glow Face Mask

Dubai based beauty brand Izil Beauty,  makes some of the best Argan based beauty products I’ve ever tried.   I reviewed their Argan oil in a previous post which you can read (here) . And today I am reviewing the Golden Glow face mask from their range.

The Golden Glow mask contains a blend of Honey, Kaolin, Saffron, sweet Orange oil and Organic Argan oil.  According to Izil Beauty,  this combination of ingredients is supposed to provide moisture, clean out your pores, clear blemishes,  brighten and oxygenate your skin.

Izil Beauty Golden Glow Face Mask review
Can you see the tiny strands of Saffron in the mask?

The scent of this mask is absolutely gorgeous ( think Honey scented with Saffron and Orange oil).  The gold hued mixture is quite thick and I could see tiny threads of Saffron in it.  

I followed the instructions and applied the mask to my clean,  dry skin.   The thickness of the mask makes it a little hard to apply to dry skin .    You only need a very small amount to cover my face and neck.  I left it on for 20 minutes and washed it off using warm water.   And just like it says on the label,  my face was left glowing!   I followed it up with a quick massage with Izil Argan oil and the combination worked beautifully.   I’ve got bout of cystic acne after recent trip to Sri Lanka and all the acne medicine I’ve used have dried up my skin.   And after one use, this mask took away the dryness and the flakiness I’ve had for weeks.   And most importantly,  it did not aggravate my existing pimples. 

This is a great mask that can be used anytime your skin need an extra boost.  And can be used twice a week on all skin types.  Except for those who have any bee allergies,  it’s best to steer clear.

The Izil Beauty Golden Glow mask comes packaged in a 50g glass jar and costs AED160.

To celebrate the launch of their new online store, Izil Beauty is offering a free delivery on all orders for a limited time !   Please click here to go to their new website.

I hope you enjoyed this review and thank you so much for reading!





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