Liquid Gold – Izil Beauty Argan Oil review

Izil Beauty Argan oil review
Izil Beauty Argan Oil and the Golden Glow Face mask


A few years ago only a handful of people had heard of Argan oil.  The oil derived from the Argan tree native to Morocco is a miracle product that can be used on the face, body and hair.   And it’s unique nutty taste makes it a great salad dressing.  This wonder oil was a well kept beauty secret in the Middle East until the West discovered it and then suddenly the World was obsessed with it.

Argan oil is very rich in linoleic acid (that has anti-inflammatory properties) and vitamin E and has the ability to heal and moisturise all skin / hair types. It has the ability to heal and sooth sunburns,  add moisture to dry skin and cuticles and is great to smooth out frizzy hair.

The popularly of Argan oil means that there are lots of not so pure oils around.  Most of these are not pure Argan oil and some are mixed with mineral oil or have  irritating ingredients like alcohol.  And remember, food grade Argan oil is different and cannot be used on skin or hair.  The roasting process gives the oil an intense nutty taste and smell.

It was quite hard to find 100% Argan oil products in the UAE market until Izil Beauty (Izil means “pure” in Berber) launched their line of Argan products . This Dubai born brand offers a great selection of organic Argan based beauty products,  including a line of exotic body scrubs /masks used for the traditional Hammam bathing ritual.

What’s special about Izil Beauty’s Argan oil is that it’s sourced directly from Morocco and packed using a minimum amount of preservatives.

The oil comes packaged in a 100ml insulated plastic bottle with a spray nozzle.  Which makes it easy to apply versus a traditional dropper or pump.  The plastic bottle is sturdy and makes it great for travel.

Izil Argan oil has a light, non greasy texture with a slight nutty scent which disappears after a few minutes.   If you have oily skin like mine,  it’s better to wear this oil in place of your regular night cream.  But if you have normal /dry skin, you can wear this under your regular day cream.   You can also add a few drops to your BB cream/foundation for a extra glowy look.  Because Argan oil has a texture that’s almost similar to a dry oil, it’s quickly absorbed by the skin.  I usually massage this over my damp skin and in a few minutes it sinks in leaving behind a slight shine.

I know that some people are a bit weary of applying oil on their faces but Argan oil is supposed to be good for all skin types.  I found that this helped ease the dry patches I’ve got from Proactive and made my acne heal faster.

For hair,  you can one squirt of oil to smooth out frizzy hair and to add a kick of moisturise .  Or you can use a bit more as a pre-wash treatment.   Since it’s very light, it doesn’t make my hair greasy or weigh it down.  I prefer to add a spritz of Argan oil to my damp, just washed hair and then add a bit of leave on conditioner on top of it.  Argan oil adds some much needed shine and moisturise to my dry hair.

At aed250, Izil Argan oil is quite expensive.  But that’s the case with all good quality Argan oils.  And you can be sure that you are getting the real deal!

So if you are looking for a good quality Argan oil, do take a look at the offering from Izil Beauty.  If you are living in Dubai you can visit their store in Dubai Festival City or shop their online store (click here)  And while you are there,  make sure to take a look at their other products including exotic smelling face / body masks,  body scrubs and body lotions.  I will be reviewing their Golden Glow face mask (a concoction of Honey,  Saffron and Argan oil) in the coming weeks so keep a look out for that.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!





7 thoughts on “Liquid Gold – Izil Beauty Argan Oil review

  1. It’s true, probably 5 years ago, nobody heard of argan oil and now it’s everywhere. It’s really hard to know which brand is best – I know that Josie Maran probably made a fortune on it but I think hers is overpriced. I just get mine from the health food store – it’s 100% organic argan oil. I like using it on my face as a serum in the winter months. I’ve had no adverse reactions to it whatsoever.

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  2. I have a large bottle of Argan oil that I use on my hair and hands but rarely on the face because I was concerned about breakouts. Currently, i’ve got these weird dry patches on my cheeks that will warrant me using the Argan oil on my face. Thanks for sharing that it helped with your skin after proactive; that gives me confidence to try it!

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    1. I had the same fear but after a couple of days I realised it was working well with my skin. I think it depends on your skin type too. My skin works well with a lot of oil except for coconut. That breaks me out like crazy 😦

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