Lush hair – Happy Happy Joy Joy / Veganese conditioner review

Lush Cosmetics Veganease Conditioner / Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume review


Is it just me or do you agree that Lush makes the best smelling haircare products?   All their products including shampoos,  conditioners and styling products have beautiful exotic scents and ingredients.  My favourites being the Godiva Solid shampoo, Jasmine and Henna Fluf Ease pre wash treatment and the discounted Blousy shampoo.   Today’s review is on two new conditioners I’ve recently tried Happy Happy Joy Joy and Veganese.

Veganease Conditioner

Lush Cosmetics Veganease Conditioner review


This concoction of Seaweed gel (Agar Agar), Lemon oil and Lavender infusion is described by Lush as a lightweight conditioner.  The Lemon oil adds gloss to the hair while a combination of lavender and Rosemary sooths dry and itchy scalp conditions.

True to their word, texture of this conditioner is very thin and light.  And it smells so fresh and beautiful – like a walk through a Lemon grove that’s next to the sea.

Though I adore the scent, sadly it’s too light for my curly mop of hair.   Which is very dry and porous and tends to absorb conditioner like a sponge.   I had to use quite a lot of product than I normally use.  But after I washed it off my hair still felt rough and hard to comb.   To compensate,  I used a dollop of Veganese as a leave-on conditioner. Which did help a lot and added some much-needed moisture and control to my hair.  And I loved the way it defined my curls and left it smelling of Lemons!

In conclusion,  if you have normal,  thin or oily hair (or an oily scalp) this conditioner is idea for you.   It’s light enough to add moisture without weighing down the hair.  But if you have thick, dry hair that needs heaps of moisture this is not for you.  But it does make a pretty good leave-on conditioner.

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume

Lush Cosmetics Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume review


This blend of Rose water, Orange Blossom water and Neroli has become one of my favourite products from Lush!

Texture wise this is very similar to Veganease though I find it a bit more moisturising than Veganease.   Might be because it contains Almond milk,  Jojoba oil and Glycerin.   Just like Veganease,  I need to use quite a lot of this conditioner which is a pity because this is quite expensive.

So rather than using this as a regular conditioner,  I prefer to use this on my damp hair as a leave-on conditioner.   It’s also great for adding moisture in-between washes.  And the scent this leaves behind is amazing!   I love the green floral fragrance of Neroli (a known mood booster) .   And the scent does indeed make me happy 🙂


Lush Veganese / Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner review

So what’s your favourite Lush hair product?   Please do leave a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely weekend!


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9 thoughts on “Lush hair – Happy Happy Joy Joy / Veganese conditioner review

  1. Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume sounds like an interesting product! I’ll have go sniff it. I had the LUSH Godiva solid shampoo bar and I loved the smell so much I went and got the perfume that matches it (I think it’s called Lust). The only other LUSH hair product I’ve tried is the R&B hair moisturizer, and that was just ok. I should try others – been wanting to try their powder dry shampoo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Lust! Sadly I can’t find it in Dubai anymore 😦 There are loads of new haircare products now, including a solid cowash bar! And they have solid hot oil treatment including one that smells very similar to Godiva. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to review some of the new products soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that’s too bad you can’t find that anymore. I got a small spray bottle of it – very potent! I need to go to LUSH soon for a new face mask so I’ll have to look at the new items. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, for some reason they’ve taken it off the shelves.. Oh, you are going to love the new products! There are so many new stuff, I spent more than 2 hours last time I went to the store 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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