Bourjois Little Round Pot Nude Edition eye shadow pots – review and swatches


Bourjois Nude Edition eyeshadows - Emauvante (04) and Noctam Brune (08)

I have confessed my love for Bourjois makeup over and over and I am back with another product I love from their range 🙂  This review is about their new collection of Nude Edition eyeshadows.

These eyeshadows are a collection of 8 flattering nude hues that comes packaged in cute little pots.  Bourjois has updated their “Little Round Pot” packaging with a magnetic closure and a mirror.  The outer colour of the pot reflects the shade inside.

From L-R Noctam Brune (08) and Emauvante (04)   both swatches applied with a wet brush

These baked eyeshadows have a smooth velvety cream to powder formula and is available in 3 finishes – matte,  satin and glitter.  They can be applied dry for a subtle wash of colour or wet for an intense finish.  I found that when applied wet these shadows last much longer than when it’s applied dry (both lasted around 6-7 hours).   But if you are applying them dry, it’s best to use an eye primer.  The formula is silky and feels almost like a cream eyeshadow.  They apply smoothly without dragging and not at all chalky.

From L-R Noctam Brune (08) and Emauvante (04)   swatched with dry fingers

Personally I prefer applying them wet.  Because that way they hold up very well on my oily lids.  And they do not smudge, crease or migrate around my eye area.

From L-R Emauvante (04) and Noctam Brune (08)


The two I own are Emauvante (04) – a shimmery fawn/mauve nude shade and Noctam Brune (08) – a intense matte brown with a slight pearl effect.   The no 4 shade is a true nude on my skin and blends in to it,  giving my lids a smooth and shimmery finish.   No 8 is more intense.  When used dry it adds depth to my lids.  If it’s used wet,  it creates an intense smokey look.  Or it can be used as an eyeliner.

One more thing I love about these are the cute little packaging.   Unlike some drugstore eyeshadows that have flimsy packaging ,  these pots are sturdy and attractive .  And the magnetic closure makes it very easy to open and close.  The mirror makes it very convenient for quick touch-ups. Because the shades are so natural I can even use just use my finger to tap on the colour.

I am pretty impressed with these little pots and looking forward to adding a few more shades to my collection.   And at AED59,  I think it’s a pretty reasonable price for product of this quality.  Specially when you think how much overpriced drugstore makeup in UAE is!

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely weekend!




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