Lush Dubai Mall store – better than ever!

Bath bombs galore in the new Lush store in Dubai Mall


New Lush lip balms

The Lush store in Dubai Mall opened it’s magical doors today and I was lucky enough to be there!  There was fun, carnival like atmosphere and the store was jam packed with shoppers!

And I was given a detailed tour of the store by the beautiful Aisha.   We bonded over our love of all things Lush and she introduced me to some products which were quite new to me.

My guide for the day – lovely Aisha from the Dubai Mall store

The store was closed for a couple of months and was completely refurbished to look like their famed Oxford Street store.   The store’s beautiful yet functional furniture is handmade from reclaimed wood (fitting with Lush’s effort to minimise their impact on the environment).   There are antique looking porcelain sinks where you could try out bath bombs, bubble bars and shower gels.



The freshly made face masks are stored in a tank filled with ice.   There, you can sit down and rest your weary feet while getting a soothing hand massage.  And while you are there remember to ask for skin consultation to find out which of their products will suit your face,  body and hair.

Lush UAE Dubai Mall store reopening
Fresh face masks all ready for customers!

Lush UAE Dubai Mall store reopens

I loved the fact that the Emotional Brilliance range of makeup is displayed with disposable applicators.  So that you can try the products without worrying about all those nasty germs that usually lurk in makeup testers.  Have a look at the vast array of liquid lipsticks (they have quite a few shades similar to the Kylie Lip Kit shades! ) ,  eyeshadows and skin tints available (they have 2 new shades for darker skin).



Two new shades of Skin Tint’s

I also got a chance to see the new Lush Easter collection. Which includes quirky Carrot shaped bath bombs (Carrots) ,  a golden glittery bath bomb (Golden Egg) and a cute bunny shaped shower jelly (Bouncy Bunny) .


Carrots Bath bombs from the Lush Easter 2016 collection available at the newly refurbished Lush store in Dubai Mall

Bouncy Bunny from Lush Easter 2016 collection available at the newly refurbished Lush store in Dubai Mall

There’s also a massive collection of haircare products included their new products like the Avocado Co-wash,   Hair Custard (a styling cream that smells like custard,  yum) and Kinky – hot oil treatment with a scent that’s quite similar to the scent of my beloved Flying Fox (rip).



Rather than going on and about the new store (which I could do because I love Lush so much :D),  I suggest that you drop by the new store and explore it yourself!  And for those who are not in the UAE,  I hope my photos will take you on a virtual tour!



Lush skincare range on display at the newly refurbished Lush store in Dubai Mall - Lush UAE




Lush Lip tints are now available in stick form – more easy to use than the tin!


I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!   Have a great weekend!

Related information

Lush Dubai Mall store is located at the first floor and for any inquiries, you can contact them on 04 4356114

Follow The Lush Dubai Mall store on Instagram (click here) and to follow Lush UAE (click here) to stay updated .





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    1. I have tried the skin tints and they are beautiful! There’s even a bronze shade! You can use alone (it’s a little thick) or you can mix it with a bit of moisturiser for lighter finish. Their perfumes are beautiful and unique. You need to sniff them in person! My favorites are Lust and Karma

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