Stay ridicuidiculously good looking with Kiehl’s Middle East X Zoolander 2




Kiehl’s Since 1851, One of my favorite skincare brands has teamed up with the movie, Zoolander 2  and it’s star – Derek Zoolander to fight the battle against aging.

To celebrate this collaboration Kiehl’s have released a collection of 2 limited edition gift boxes.  These boxes contain a carefully curated selection of iconic Kiehl’s products that helps to keep your skin youthful and ridiculously good looking 🙂

Zoolander 2 Kiehl’s Ridiculously Youthful Collection
Zoolander X Kiehl’s Blue Kiehl collection

The “Ridiculously Youthful Collection” is a unisex collection of 3 best selling Kiehl’s products that includes Midnight Recovery Concentrate,  the Daily Reviving Concentrate and the Multi-Corrective facial cream.

The “Blue Kiehl” contains a selection of products from the Kiehl’s men’s range including Facial Fuel – Energizing Moisture,  Heavy Lifting Eye Cream and Close Shavers Squadron – Shaving Cream.

To celebrate the launch in the Middle East , Kiehl’s hosted a private screening of the movie at Reel Cinema in Dubai Marina Mall.


Kiehl’s X Zoolander 2 event hosted by Kiehl's Middle East
Mr Bones posing alongside Zoolander at the event hosted by Kiehl’s Middle East

The fun event started off in the Kiehl’s Marina Mall branch, with attendees getting a chance to pose alongside a life-sized cutout of Derek Zoolander.  While posing we were encouraged to give our very best “blue steel” look :D.   

Kiehl’s X Zoolander 2 event hosted by Kiehl's Middle East
Pose alongside Derek Zoolander and give your best Blue Steel






In the midst of the event, I also got a chance to have a quick look around the store and at some of the newest releases from Kiehl’s.   I loved their 2 new face masks – Cilantro and Orange Extract Pollutant Purifying mask / Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing mask (which I loved!).


Afterwards, we headed off to the theater where we were treated the movie while munching on huge cartons of popcorn.


After the movie, everyone got a goodie box containing a selection of iconic Kiehl’s products.

Kiehl’s Middle East X Zoolander 2 event

I got 4 amazing Kiehl’s products in my box including the Daily Reviving Concentrate,  Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream and Rosa Arctica eye cream.   I was pretty happy to get the Daily Reviving Concentrate as it’s something I’ve wanted to try ever since it was released.   It has such good reviews online and is touted as a celebrity favorite.   I use the night version of this serum (Midnight Recovery Concentrate) and absolutely love it.  So I have high hopes for this little golden bottle as well.   I’ll be reviewing all these in the coming months so keep an eye out.

When you are going to watch the movie, make sure to stop at the Kiehl’s stand in Reel Cinema, Marina Mall.  Get a complimentary skin consultation and free samples (one of my favorite things about Kiehl’s is how generous they are with samples).



Kiehl’s X Zoolander 2 event hosted by Kiehl's Middle East
Kiehl’s stand at Reel Cinema –



Kiehl’s X Zoolander 2 event hosted by Kiehl's Middle East
Get a skin analysis and complimentary samples from Kiehl’s

If you are a Zoolander fan, make sure to stop by any of the Kiehl’s store and take a look at the collection.   Both collections would make very lovely gifts as well.   And while you are in the store, make sure to take a selfie with Derek Zoolander 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading about this event.  Are you a Kiehl’s fan?   What’s your favorite product from Kiehl’s?

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely weekend!


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Kiehl’s Zoolander collection is available at all Kiehl’s stores in the UAE. For store locations (click here)

Follow Kiehl’s Middle East on social media to stay updated about new releases and promotions  – Instagram (click here) and Facebook page (click here)




9 thoughts on “Stay ridicuidiculously good looking with Kiehl’s Middle East X Zoolander 2

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post. I feel so lucky that I get a chance to attend these events! Most of them are so fun and you get to meet other bloggers in the community. if you are curious about Kiehl’s products, visit a store and get a few samples before buying anything. Aww, thank you so much for saying so ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Believe it or not, I have never seen a stand alone Kiehl’s store here. I do see their products inside other stores but never any samples since people would just disappear with them :/ Either way, I’m sure some items are worth the buy even without samples 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh no 😦 Here the stores keep the samples inside and they’ll give you when you request them. But when they have promotions they’ll keep a stand filled with samples (with a SA guarding them :D). From the products I’ve used I can recommend the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution serum.

        Liked by 1 person

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