Fumes of Love – Review of Calvin Klein Eternity Now for her & him


You know Valentines Day is near when brands start launching romantically themed fragrances for men and women.  If you are single or going through heartbreak, it’s a miserable time.   But you can always cheer yourself up by treating yourself to a new perfume 🙂

The original Eternity was all about the 90’s – fresh and clean and was inspired by the idea of lasting love and intimacy – who wouldn’t want that in their lives? I know I would.

Eternity Now carries on the same romantic theme, and was created to invoke the thrill and heightened emotions of new love – “when two people realise that it is the beginning of forever”.

Eternity Now for her (eau de parfum) is quite different from the original but still maintains it’s floral inspiration.  This is a warm, feminine fragrance with a lot of sweet floral notes.  It opens up with fresh and juicy notes of Lychee, Nectarine and Quince Sorbet and quickly reaches the luminous heart notes of Neroli, Peach and Peony blossoms.  The base notes of cashmere veil, amborx and precious musk lingers for a few hours.

Laying aside all the perfume speak – this is a beautifully crafted musky floral and is very easy to wear.   You might like this a lot if you prefer light, floral fragrances.   The lasting power is around 4-5 hours on me but it will vary from person to person (since my skin is very oily, most perfumes last a long time).  While I prefer woodsy, chypre scents, I have come to love this.  I think it’s because the strong Peach blossom notes in Eternity Now reminds me of my beloved Maybe Baby from Benefit.

Eternity Now for him (eau de toilette) starts out with the extremely fresh notes of Ginger, Coconut water and Star Anise and then progresses on to heart notes of Star fruit, Cedar leaf and Patchouli.   Then dries down to a delicious blend of Moroccan Cedar wood,  Madagascar Vanilla and tonka bean.

I love men’s fragrances so I tried this out a couple of times and got my husband to try it out as well.   He’s not a big perfume fan (the only perfume he notices is Fantasy by Brittney Spears – which according to him smells nice :)) but he’s been wearing this nonstop for past few weeks.

Just like it’s female version, this fragrance has a fresh, luminous quality to it. And the lasting power is much better than the Eternity Now for her.  As I’ve said, I wore this a couple of times and find that the vanilla and tonka bean mellows the masculine notes of this eau de toilette enough so that it does smell somewhat unisex.

So even if you aren’t celebrating Valentines day, Eternity Now for her/him is great if you are looking to buy a new fragrance for spring !

Thank you so much for reading and have a great Saturday !


Related information

Eternity Now for Women (EDP) costs 255AED for 50ml / Eternity Now for Men (EDT) costs 230AED and is available from Paris Gallery , wojooh (click here to shop online) and sephora






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