WHEN Travelmate sheet mask review


WHEN Travelmate

Thanks to the world’s obsession with Korean beauty products , everyone is pretty familiar with sheet masks.  The masks are soaked in a variety of ingredients and they gets absorbed better because of the constant contact with your skin.  They leave the skin glowing just like a facial.

There are so many brands/types in the market now and sometimes it’s pretty confusing to choose the correct one

With WHEN Masks you get masks designed for everyday skin needs /times. Among them is When 10pm (a serum mask with ingredients like Collagen, Watermelon extract and Hyaluronic that helps skin recover from everyday stress), When Snow Magic (helps brighten skin with Niacinamide and Aloe Vera leaf extract – great after sun exposure) and When Travelmate (helps refresh skin after exposure to sun,wind and dry air).

I did quite a bit of traveling around the United Arab Emirates last week and the Winter weather here (blistering sun during the day and freezing cold at night) dried out my oily skin and left it looking a little worse for wear.  So I was pretty excited to try the When Travelmate mask.

The mandatory sheet mask selfie! Please excuse my expression, I was channelling Jason Voorhees 😀

Enriched with Swiss Alpine herbs, Hyaluronic Acid, Chamomile and Ginseng extracts help sooth travel weary skin.  All When masks are made from Coconut jelly and the mask actually feels very soft and wobbly (just like jelly 🙂 but without any scent).  The mask felt cool (a little tip – store your sheet mask in the fridge and it will feel just like a fancy face mask) and soft against my skin, almost like a second skin.  I left it on for longer than the recommended 30 minutes (almost an hour) and then massaged in the remaining serum in to my skin.  Afterwards my skin looked plump and glowing.   All the dryness and the tightness was gone.

I used this during the day time and if needed you can apply makeup afterwards.  This would be an excellent treatment to use after a long plane journey (or during if you are willing to put up with curious stares).

Out of all the different sheet masks I’ve used, the When Travelmate mask is my favorite.   I love how soft it is and the way it feels against my skin.

At $7 per mask (or it is more expensive than the average sheet masks in the market but I feel these are great if you are looking to treat your skin every once in a while and it is still far more cheaper than a facial!

Have you tried any of these WHEN masks?   What’s your favorite sheet mask brand?

As always thank you so much for reading and have a great week ahead!


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A special pack of WHEN Masks (containing 5 different types of masks) is available from Sephora Middle East for AED159  – Follow them on Instagram to stay updated about new releases (click here)

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