A review of the Boots No7 Early Defence range


Early Defence is a new range from the famed Boots No7 range, that will help slow down the premature aging of young skin (hence the promotion tag slowmoyourskin ).  Boots have developed a patent pending blend of antioxidants -“double defence” technology that helps protect skin from external environmental stresses like pollution and UV rays. The range also helps to stimulate and boost the skin’s natural defence system.  The range includes a day cream, a night cream and a eye cream.

Being in my 30’s, I was aware that I wasn’t the ideal candidate to try this range.  However, thanks to my genes and my oily skin I do not have any visible wrinkles on my face (yet – I am keeping my fingers croseed 🙂 ).  I’ve used the No7 Lift and Luminate range before and loved it (click here) so I expected good things from this range.  I’ve been using this range for the past 2 months and I was not disappointed.


Early Defence Day Cream

The day cream is a fluffy, white coloured cream (but turns colourless when applied)with SPF15 (with 5 star UVA technology according to Boots).  According to the experts, UVA rays are what causes most damage to the skin (and those early wrinkles).  I have worn this while being out in the harsh, Middle Eastern sun and I am happy to say that it did protect my skin.  What I love most about this cream is it’s light texture.  As I mentioned before, my skin is very oily and a lot of anti-aging creams are too greasy for me and I always end up getting spots.  But with this, the cream gets absorbed within minutes and does not leave a oily sheen.  It provides a lovely base for foundation, leaving the skin smooth and moisturised so that foundation just glides on without those annoying flaky bits one gets during the colder months.

Early Defence Night Cream

The night cream has a gel like texture that’s quickly absorbed by my skin.  And just like the day cream it’s light and non-greasy.  According to Boots, it’s concentrated ingredients like Vitamin A & Lipopeptides help skin recover from the daily wear and tear.  Of all the night creams I have ever tried this has to be my favorite !  If you have really oily skin and is looking for a night cream, you should try this.  My face usually looks like a shiny disco ball when I wake up in the morning but with this my skin has a lovely glow and looks plump.  This also help fade my acne marks/scars much more quickly than usual (I had similar results with the Lift and Luminate range as well).

Early Defence Eye Cream

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’d have to say that this has to be the loveliest eye cream I have ever used.  I hate greasy eye creams and this has a lovely, light teaxture that’s quickly absorbed. Enriched with Vitamin C, it’s supposed to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.  I’ve had quite a lot of sleepless nights during the past few months and ended up with sad Panda eyes.  With daily use of this eye cream, I did see quite a difference in my dark under-eye circles.  It helps to reduce the puffiness I get in the mornings as well.  Since it’s not greasy, I can wear concealer on top of it without worrying about creasing or smearing.  It’s also hypo-allergenic so that people with sensitive eyes like me can wear it without irritation.

As you can see, I loved everything about this range.  After 2 months, my skin looks plump and healthy and my pores look smaller.   The only negative to me is that the creams come in jars which I believe is not very sanitary ( though I make sure to wash my hands thoroughly before touching my face ).  The whole range has a light floral scent so if you are not keen on scented products make sure to try this in-store before buying.

Early Defence is an an excellent range to try if you are looking to pep up your skin with something extra.

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely weekend !

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