The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial oil review

The Body Shop Oils of Life – Intensely Revitalising Facial oil


I am a huge fan of facial oils.  Somehow it seems to balance out my very oily skin. I have tried quite a few brands in the past including pure Jojoba oil, Boots Organics Facial oil and A’kin Rosehip oil and they all worked quite well to moisturize my skin without causing any acne.

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I fell in love with the Body Shop’s facial oil from the very first time I tried it.  It’s a dry oil that has a slightly spicy/floral scent and gets absorbed in to the skin very quickly.  And it comes packaged in a gorgeous bottle that has a very luxurious feel.

The main ingredients in this are 3 cold pressed seed oils sourced from around the globe ( Cumin oil from Egypt,  Camelia oil from Japan and Rosehip oil from Chile) and is of 99% natural origin.

I’ve been using the oil  at night every other day for the past 2 months (massaging it in with the Twin ball facial massager from the same collection) and the results have been great.  My pores appear smaller and skin looks smoother.  And it help fade hyper-pigmentation I’ve had from a recent breakout.  The oil also have a brightening effect on my skin (maybe due to the high vitamin C content in Rosehip oil?).

The Body Shop Oils of Life – Intensely Revitalising Facial oilFotor_144941927819134

The Body Shop Oils of Life – Intensely Revitalising Facial oil


The oil is very light and non greasy (almost like a dry oil) and gets absorbed very quickly.  This works very well when worn under foundation, specially when my skin is looking dry or lifeless (due to the occasional use of Proactive) .  It leaves my face with a glow and not a oily shine! If you are in a hurry try mixing a drop or two with your foundation and you will have a diy version of a serum foundation!


The Body Shop Oils of Life – Revitalising Facial Massager

For optimum results, The Body Shop advises to use their new twin ball face massager after applying the oil (please find the link below to the video that shows how the massager should be used).  The massager feels firm yet gentle and almost feels like a pair of hands massaging my face.  It helps the oil absorb better while eliminating toxins from your skin.

I’ve never used to massage my face before (I didn’t know how and I was always afraid that it might aggravate my acne) but the results have made me a believer!  My face looks more defined and my skin has a glow every morning when I wake up.  I hope this might help fade my acne scars as well (as some have experienced) with continued use, so fingers crossed.

If you are curious about the oil and the massager, just visit any of The Body Shop stores and ask for a mini treatment,  their friendly staff are always willing to help you.

The Oils of Life collection also has a facial essence (to be used after cleansing and before the facial oil), a gel cream (for oily or combination skin’s) and a heavier moisturiser for dry skin (either to be used after the facial oil).

Have you used this Facial oil or any other products from the Oils of Life collection?  I will be reviewing the rest of the collection in the coming weeks so keep an eye for it.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great week ahead!


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