Sheet mask time ! – Skin Republic Neck + Decolletage Repair mask review

Skin Republic Neck +Decolletage Repair sheet mask review
Skin Republic Neck +Decolletage Repair sheet mask

Are you one of those naughty people who religiously apply anti-aging creams to your face but completely ignore your neck? Because I was one of them! I had a face full of acne and the last thing on my mind was looking after my neck. But after my sister whose in her late 20s started complaining about how her neck was looking wrinkly, I changed my habits.

I have very oily skin and my neck/decolletage area is quite oily at times ( though there are no oil glands in the neck).  And though my neck has been ignored for most of my life, it’s not wrinkly (yet!). I look after my neck by using an anti-aging cleanser and then slathering a moisturiser from the same brand (Total Effects by Olay).

Sheet masks are one of the hottest thing things in skincare right now. Originating from Asia, these are masks made from cloth or paper. These masks are infused with a liquid treatment formula. Sheet masks are considered more potent and effective than regular masks because of it’s close & continuous contact with the skin.

Skin Republic Neck + Decolletage Repair mask review
Skin Republic Neck + Decolletage Repair mask

Skin Republic is a beauty company that specializes in Korean made sheet masks. They offer sheet masks for the face, under eye area, neck & decolletage, hands and feet, so they must be quite the experts in the world of sheet masks ! Their neck+decolletage mask promises to

  • Deep level repair assists in visibly firming, smoothing and lifting your skin
  • Helps improve skin tone and elasticity
  • Reduces the visible appearance of freckles, age spots and imperfections

and contains collagen, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin E, Mulberry, Liquorice, Green tea, Witch hazel, Rice bran oil, Arbutin and vitamin C.

I usually store my sheet masks in the fridge a little while before using them and did the same with this mask. The chilled mask felt so cooling and lovely against my skin and it was very comfortable to wear (no itching or scratching). I wore this mask for around 30 minutes (after cleansing) and massaged in the remaining serum.

Keep in mind that this mask contains a liquid and once you use the mask, some of the serum might be left in the pack. You can keep this remaining liquid refrigerated and use it as a overnight treatment.

As I do not have any wrinkles or sagging skin, I cannot comment on the tightening benefits of the mask. However, my neck/decolletage area did look soft, smooth and brighter. And the moisturising benefits of the mask seem to last for quite a while.

Skin Republic advises that for best results, this mask should be used twice a week for a month and then to be used as needed. I think this would make an excellent SOS treatment for anyone with wrinkly/sagging skin.

Skin Republic offers quite a few sheet masks for the face and I am quite curious to try the brightening mask. I am hoping it would help fade some of my stubborn acne marks. I will review it very soon on the blog.

What are your favorite sheet masks ? Have you tried this brand before ?

Thank you so much for reading !

Related information

The Skin Republic Neck + Decolletage mask costs around 25AED and is available in Boots pharmacies and Waitrose/Spinnys supermarkets in the U.A.E.

Go to the skin republic website for more information on their other masks.

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16 thoughts on “Sheet mask time ! – Skin Republic Neck + Decolletage Repair mask review

  1. This brand has started to make an appearance here in Canada but they’re quite pricey – sheet face masks are around $8 and foot masks are $15.
    I’ve never tried a neck / decolletage mask though – fancy!
    I really like the sheet masks from Face Shop – they’re drenched in serum and not expensive at all at $2 a pop.

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  2. I have never seen a mask for the décolletage area; its genius! I dont recall if I have mentioned this before but the best home remedy I have found for dark spots is….potato!
    I know its sounds weird (and u didnt ask me) but rubbing a slice of white potato over dark marks, at night, and rinsing off in the morning, helps tremendously with marks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are a wealth of knowledge as usual and I love your suggestions 🙂 I have tried potato slices before (quite a while ago) but as a mask (only leaving it on for 30 minutes) but it made my skin a bit itchy! Don’t know if I am allergic? But I am going to try it your way and see. Thank you so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I only know what I know from my own experiences, so I like to help as much as possible. I have found success with Rosehip oil as well. Though more expensive than potato, it might be more comfortable for your skin.

        Liked by 1 person

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