Glambox X Bioderma event and review

The Bioderma exclusive Glambox
The Bioderma exclusive Glambox

I was lucky enough to attend the May Glambox unveiling event held at the very chic Cove Dubai in the iconic Jumeirah Beach hotel.

The view from the Cove Dubai, Jumeirah Beach
The view from the Cove Dubai, Jumeirah Beach
The bloggers chatting away at the Glambox event
The bloggers chatting away at the Glambox event

Glambox is a monthly beauty sampling service based in Middle East that’s every product junkie’s dream come true ! You get a 4-5 samples and 1 or 2 full sized products of skincare/makeup that’s personalized according to your skin type/preference. The subscriptions are available in 3,6 and 12 month packages and the cost of each box comes to around 71 – 80AED. However , you get more products than the cost of the box. So it’s a bargain in the long run and you get to try new products in the market without commitment. There have been some great boxes ( Benefit & Bliss exclusive boxes ) in the past and there are some more great boxes to come ( a Ramadan special & a high end makeup box). I will include the link to their site below and you can find more about them.

On some months, all the products can be from one brand, like the May box. All the products and samples are from the renowned French skin care brand Bioderma.

Glambox Bioderma event
Bioderma products on display at the Glambox event
Bioderma products on display at the Glambox event
Bioderma products on display at the Glambox event
Bioderma products on display at the Glambox event
Bioderma products on display at the Glambox event

Anyone even remotely interested in the beauty world have heard of Bioderma, thanks to their amazing makeup remover Sensibo H2O. The product responsible for starting the worldwide craze for micellar water (cleansing water).

The event started with a small presentation by the Bioderma marketing manager as she explained about the products included in the Glambox. After the presentation I got a chance to have a very interesting chat with the Glambox team’s gorgeous marketing manager about how the subscription service works. I also got a chance to get my skin analyzed by a Bioderma skin consultant.

The lovely Bioderma skin consultant at the event
The lovely Bioderma skin consultant at the event

The skin analysis was quite an experience!  A small probe was placed on the inside of my wrist (that’s supposed to be where your skin is youngest). The device then records the texture and the condition of the skin in that area. Then the device was placed on different parts (cheeks, forehead & nose) of my face while the analyst compared the condition of my wrist and the face . She explained the areas of concern and I was shown where my pores were oily and blocked and where it needed moisture.  Despite having oily skin, some areas in my face had become dehydrated (the analyst attributed this to my long term use of Proactive). Aside from all that, I was told that my skin is in quite good condition (I’ve been quite unlucky with my genes but hey, at least my skin is aging slowly! ). I was recommended a list of Bioderma products tailored to my skin’s needs. I would recommend this analysis to anyone who is curious about the state their skin is in and is looking for a new skin care regime.

Afterwards everyone was treated to a scrumptious breakfast that included fresh-baked pastries and succulent fruit platters.

Breakfast at The Cove - Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai !
Breakfast !
The exclusive Bioderma Glambox
The exclusive Bioderma Glambox
The exclusive Bioderma Glambox
The exclusive Bioderma Glambox

Here’s a closer to look inside the Glambox

Bioderma Sensibio H2O (100ml bottle) – full size product

As I mentioned earlier this is the product that started the world’s obsession with micellar water. This water like removes makeup (even waterproof) with such ease that, you only have to try it once to see what the fuss is all about. This is my go to makeup remover and I’ve been using it for 4-5 years and it has never irritated my skin or aggravated my acne. I will do a separate post on this as one paragraph does not do it justice. The 100ml bottle costs 35AED.

Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF 100 Creme for sensitive skin (40ml tube) – full sized product

This fragrance free facial sunscreen is made for people with very sun sensitive skin. Which was ideal for me as I have skin that gets easily irritated with sun exposure. The high protection factor was another bonus as someone with a lot of acne scars I need all the protection I get ( sun tends to darken acne scars making them even harder to fade).  I have used this during the past month and I like it very much. Though it’s a cream, it absorbs very quickly and is non greasy (even on my very oily skin). This is a godsend for people living in extreme climates like Dubai as it is non comedogenic and water-resistant. Bioderma offers quite a variety of sunscreens with different strengths and formulations so you can choose according to your skin type and need. The 40ml tube of Photoderm Max SPF 100 costs 113AED (most of their sunscreen products costs the same) . I will continue to use this throughout the summer and will do a more detailed review.

Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF 50+ Aquafluide in Golden – (2ml sample)

Formulated for all skin types this tinted sunscreen lotion is more like a BB cream with a thinner texture. I absolutely love this. The golden shade matched my skin tone and blended seamlessly without any ashy cast which sometimes you get with tinted sunscreens. I wish I got a full-sized tube because the sample lasted only for 3 uses. The coverage is what you get from a lightly tinted BB cream and it absorebed very quickly without leaving any shine.

I quite like this and thought of buying this before I go on holiday next month ( to Sri Lanka, another country with hot and humid weather). I could wear this with a little powder on top instead of foundation or BB cream. This has a more lighter texture than their cream sunscreen and would be great for people with oily skin.

Bioderma Sebium Global Purifying Foaming Gel – (15ml sample)

This is a soap free, gel cleanser formulated for combination and oily skin and is part of their blemish care range. This is really foamy and left my skin feeling clean and matte. And it did not cause that weird , stretched out feeling that some cleansers made for oily skin cause. Because of the sample size is quite small,  I cannot comment on the long term benefits of this.

Bioderma Sebium Global Intensive Purifying Care – (15ml sample)

This silky serum promises to eliminate to formation of pimples and blackhead while healing existing blemishes. It’s also supposed to help fade marks left by acne. I loved the texture of this non oily serum and used it a couple of times at night. While my acne marks looked the same, my pores did look more tighter and my skin quite matte. I think I would need to use this serum for at least a month to see if it had any blemish fading effect but the sample is too small and it didn’t last that long. I did like it’s oil controlling ability and might try this after I run out of my Neutrogena oil-free moisturiser.

In case you are curious ,this range offers a full range of products for blemished skin from face masks,a tinted pimple treatment to a pore refining primer ( this has pretty good reviews online so thinking of buying it).

Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel – (two 2ml sachets)

This is a gentle eye gel that helps to reduce puffiness and minimises the formation of wrinkles. Due to the sample size I cannot say if it helps with wrinkles but it did moisturise my under eye area very well and did not cause any allergies. And it was quite refreshing to use during the day time as the gel gives a comforting, cooling sensation!

Bioderma Matricium (a sample of 5 ampoules )

Out of all the products in the box, this one intrigued me the most. At first I thought they were vitamin capsules. But thanks to the presentation given by Bioderma, I learned that these are a patented medication that helps with the recovery of damaged skin (first degree burns,laser treatments etc) . This comes in single dose ampoules and should be applied to skin twice daily. I am quite curious to know if this will have any effect on my acne scars (though most of them are quite old). I have not tried this yet so I will update this post once done !

Also included in the box was a discount voucher for 20% off on all Bioderma products from BinSina pharmacies in the Middle East. I am planning on using this to buy a few of their products including the tinted sunscreen lotion and the primer from the Sebium range.

Bioderma products are available in the Middle East at all leading pharmacies.

Have you used Bioderma products?  What’s your favorite?

Thank you and please do like and comment if you enjoyed reading this post.

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