Sweetest smelling facial cleanser ever ? – Lush Angels on Bare Skin Review

LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Review
LUSH Angels on Bare Skin cleanser

Does anyone else thinks that Lush has the best smelling shops in the world? Anytime I am in a mall, I can find the Lush store just by following my nose :). That unique, enticing fragrance seem to be their signature calling card.

I am obsessed with all things Lush and I’ve used all of their products, from shower gels to facial moisturizers. Back in Sri Lanka, the Lush shop was quite near to where I worked so I used to go there at least twice a week. The staff knew me by name and I used to spend most of my hard earned cash there. The obsession continued for a long time with a disastrous effect on my bank account ( the horrific exchange rate meant that a 250g shower gel cost as much as 1/7 of my salary !).

I have used a quite a few Lush cleansers including Fresh Pharmacy, Coal Face, Herbalism and Angels on Bare skin. And I love all of them. So I was pretty glad this was included in the goodie bag I got from the blogger party I attended (click here).

Lush Angels on Bare skin is a gentle exfoliating face and body cleanser that comes in a screw top container (100g costs 73AED). According to Lush, this was inspired by an recipe that the ladies in medieval times used to wash their faces.

The cleanser is made up of ground almonds, Glycerine, Kaolin, Water, Lavender oil, Rose absolute, Chamomile blue oil, Tagetes oil, Benzoin resinoid, Lavender flowers, Limonene and Linalool. This combination of ingredients helps to absorb excess oil, exfoliate and brighten skin.

Lush Angels on Bare skin review
Lush Angels on Bare skin

As you can see from the above picture, the cleanser has a semi solid texture and smells absolutely divine (a mix of lavender and rose). To use just take a pea sized amount and in your palm mix it with a bit of water. This turns it in to a milky lotion. Apply the lotion on to damp (not wet) face or body and let the gentle exfoliating particles work their magic on your skin.

Though it has exfoliating properties it’s incredibly gentle on my skin. It left my oily skin smooth and matte. And I could see that my face was brighter (thanks to the ground up Almonds). The rose and lavender fragrance lingered for a long time (which I loved !).  My face felt quite moisturised too, as if I had used a dry oil on my face.

I have been using Angels on bare skin every night for the past two weeks and thankfully it has caused no breakouts. And I believe it helped counteract the dryness caused by Proactive.

Lush Angels on Bare skin review
Lush Angels on Bare skin

I would say this is an excellent cleanser for all skin types. It’s natural, with no harsh beads or chemicals and very gentle. If you are curious about Angels on bare skin cleanser, visit a Lush store and ask for a sample.

Are you a Lush addict like me ? I would love to know what your favorite Lush Products are..

Thank you so much so reading and please do like and comment if enjoyed it.

*You can find Lush stores in Dubai at Deira City Centre, Mirdif City Centre Mercato Mall and Dubai Mall. For other Middle East store locations or to shop online go to lush.ae (click here)


7 thoughts on “Sweetest smelling facial cleanser ever ? – Lush Angels on Bare Skin Review

  1. mmmmmm, this sounds amazing. I am in the market for a new cleanser too. Currently functioning on samples. I have a local LUSH shop in the mall. Guess I need to go and visit. I’ve been using bath bombs that I always get as gifts (because of course, I request)… so I rarely go to the store since I’ve always got a bath bomb inventory. I need to go and look their other things.

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    1. Great to know you are a fellow Lushi 😄 You should , they have quite a large makeup collection too! If you ask they wil analyse your skin and give you a list of recommended products . And their staff is lovely no matter where in the world ..


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