Scents of summer – My favourite summer perfumes – Part 1

Estee Lauder -Sensuous Nude , Dolce & Gabbana - Sicily, Estee Lauder - Beyond Paradise
Estee Lauder -Sensuous Nude , Dolce & Gabbana – Sicily, Estee Lauder – Beyond Paradise

Summer is in full bloom and the extreme heat in Dubai makes wearing certain perfumes unbearable. Even though I gravitate towards heavier perfumes, they can get quite suffocating during summer. But I have to wear form of fragrance because I feel quite undressed without it. For the long summer months I love to use something light and refreshing. I though I’ll do a post on a few of my favorites and realized one post is not enough. So here’s part 1..

Estee Lauder Sensuous

This is one of my all time favorite perfumes and I love to wear it all year long. A gorgeous bottle with a equally gorgeous fragrance inside. Even though it’s categorized as a warm woody perfume, on me it dries down to a delightful light sandalwood with a hint of orange. The scent of sandalwood is so comforting to me and I can wear it in 100 degree weather without fear of getting a migraine. It’s lasting power is about 4-5 hours but if you spray it on clothes it lasts for ages.

According to Estee Lauder this contains notes of molten woods, amber, jasmine, ghost lily, magnolia, ylang, black pepper, sandalwood, honey and mandarin orange pulp.

Dolce & Gabbana – Sicily

I blame the gorgeous advertisements featuring Monica Belucci for this impulse buy (which I never do).ย  I usually stalk perfume counters before I sink my money in to a perfume but with Sicily, one sniff was enough !ย  I am so glad I bought it though, because I love it. To me this smells like a mixture of expensive lemon scented soap, sunscreen lotion and sun warmed skin (does that make sense ?). This starts out quite strong but mellows quite quickly, so it’s quite discreet. And it lingers the whole day. The Sicily bottle is tall, square and quite sophisticated.

Sicily contains top notes of Sicilian bergamots ,honeysuckle and heart notes of jasmine, black pearl rose and hibiscus. The base is made up of heliotrope, sandalwood and musk notes.

Estee Lauder – Beyond Paradise

Imagine you are walking through a wet, steamy green house filled with exotic flowers and you might get an idea what this perfume smells like. I’ve tried so many floral fragrances but out of it all this is the most complex. The lasting power is amazing and this has the ability to make me feel ridiculously pretty !

Though my version of Beyond Paradise came in a beautiful prismatic glass flagon with the colours of the rainbow (looks amazing on my dresser), Estee Lauder has changed the packaging so now it looks like a poor twin to Modern Muse. Beyond Paradise is available under their ‘House of Estee’ label.

Beyond Paradise is made up of top notes Eden’s mist (described as a wet tropical note), blue hyacinth, orange flower templar, jabuticaba fruit. Middle notes of laelia orchid, crepe jasmin, mahonia japonica, pink honeysuckle and base notes of natal plum Blossoms, ambrette Seed, zebrano Wood, golden melaleuca Bark.

Estee Lauder -Sensuous Nude , Dolce & Gabbana - Sicily, Estee Lauder - Beyond Paradise
Estee Lauder -Sensuous Nude , Dolce & Gabbana – Sicily, Estee Lauder – Beyond Paradise

Thanks a lot for reading. So do you change your perfume with the seasons ? Which are your favorites ?


4 thoughts on “Scents of summer – My favourite summer perfumes – Part 1

  1. I don’t change with the seasons really but omg I change a lot. I’m always looking for something no one would recognize so I’ve been buying from a store in Paris where I was profiled and they send samples. Right now, I use Linari Angelo di Fiume and im about about to buy Kilian Love. I think you can get Kilian in the US but not the other. Love d&g too!!!!! Also loving Gucci Flora. The Paris shop can do on line profiles and send samples. Super cool!!!!!! It’s called Nose. I wrote about them on my blog.

    Kinda cool every now and then to wear sonething no one can recognize ๐Ÿ˜ I want to try the Estรฉe Lauder scent you mentioned. Sounds yummy!!


    1. I just read your post, the process sounds so interesting !

      I love Gucci Flora too and Dolce & Gabbana Floral Drops smells amazing too. I am trying to finish off the perfumes I have before buying new ones because I have fat too many ๐Ÿ™‚

      Sensuous sort of changes in your skin so it’s not recognized a lot. Try to get a sample and see ..


  2. I definitely relate to wearing different scents and having it be the finishing touch to my outfit. I use more body splashes than perfumes but I really like Baby Phat’s Dare Me for the Spring and summer and Victoria’s Secret’s Scandalous for Fall/Winter. Bath and Body Works’s Japanese Cherry Blossom is my signature scent for every day use.


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