The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner and Lotion Review

The Body Shop Skin Clearing Toner and Lotion
The Body Shop Skin Clearing Toner and Lotion

This is the second part of my series on the Body Shop Tea Tree range. Today I’ll be taking about their Skin Clearing Toner and the moisturizing lotion. Like the rest of the Tea Tree range both these contain organic tea tree oil and tamanu oil.

The toner is something you might reach a lot come our Dubai summer. It’s very refreshing on skin, specifically on a hot day. The powders in the toner (which you shake to activate) helps to keep the skin matte & fresh.  I use this once a day after I wash my face with the range’s foaming cleanser. And follow-up with either the Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion or the BB cream. This can be quite drying and contains alcohol so it’s more suited to those with oily /very oily skin as it might irritate dry/sensitive skin types. A quick tip – during summer, store the toner in the fridge (the cold toner feels amazing on a hot day ).

This comes in a 250ml bottle and costs 38AED. Needless to say you get a lot of product for your money.

The Body Shop Skin Clearing Lotion is more like a gel than a lotion. It’s lightweight and and is quickly absorbed by my skin. This has an intense tea tree fragrance so if you hate that smell, this might not be for you. This used together with the toner leaves my face relatively matte. I found that this is very soothing on days when Proactive has irritated my face. This did not cause any pimples and also seemed to have a healing effect on the blemishes I already had. The lotion would be great for most skin types including oily, acne prone skin to use during hot summer months. This combo of toner and lotion is specially great after waxing or threading. The toner is soothes irritated skin while the tea tree lotion is calming with anti-bacterial properties. I only wish this had at least SPF15 in it. Given how sunny it is in Dubai I am paranoid about stepping out without wearing any sun protection. So I compensate by wearing a zinc based sunscreen  over it.

The Tea Tree Lotion comes in a 50ml squeeze tube and costs 38AED.

If you are curious about the Tea Tree range why not pop in to your nearest Body Shop. They have testers available and if you ask nicely you might even get a mini facial using your preferred range (I bought the whole Tea Tree range after I got a mini facial with the range).

Have you used The Body Shop Tea Tree Range ? What has been your experience like ?

Thanks a lot for reading, and please do comment and like this post if you enjoyed this post.

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