Oil up – Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil Review

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil - Oily or Combination Skin 30ml
Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil – Oily or Combination Skin 30ml (image courtesy of http://www.clarinsusa.com)
 I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that I am a regular Proactive user. Although it keeps my acne in check it also makes my skin as dry as the desert. Some days it gets so dry that it starts to flake (gross, I know) and I can’t even wear a BB cream. On those days I prefer to use a facial oil to moisturize my face rather than a cream or a lotion. Applying oil on acne prone skin sounds silly but somehow the oil seems to sink in and moisturize better. It also helps with the flaking.
I used the entire Clarins line for oily skin along with this oil about 4 years ago when I  had no acne. I loved the range and it was great for my oily skin. The oil was one of my favorites from the range. When the adviser at the Clarins counter recommended the oil, I was very hesitant to try it. Using oil on top already oily skin seemed counter intuitive but she gave me a sample and advised me to use it at night (instead of a night cream). The morning after I used it I could not believe my eyes, my skin was not oily it smooth and glowing. I became a believer in facial oil after that and I am happy to say it did not give me any pimples.
After I started using Proactive I did not use any other skincare brands other than a moisturizer with sun protection because I feared it might irritate my skin. But my skin started drying out and flaking. I knew my skin was craving moisture and had to use something more nourishing. So I bought this once more and started using it every other day at night.
After a couple of days use, my skin was transformed. My skin stopped flaking and looked healthy. And I’ve felt it helped heal my smaller blemishes. And my pores look smaller.
The bottle is glass and comes with a stopper so it’s easy to use. I use it every other day and use about 2-3 drops for my entire face and neck. I think it absorbs better when lightly patted over damp skin. It leaves a slight sheen on my face and has a pleasant floral aroma. The 30ml bottle lasted about 1 year for me. As with all facial oils you only need a little bit.
Clarins offers 3 types of facial oils for different skin needs. The treatment for oily skin contains Rosewood, Geranium , Lotus and Hazelnut Oil and claims to hydrate, tone, tightens pores and refine the skin texture.
If you have oily or problematic skin like mine and would like to venture in to the confusing world of facial oils I’d recommend you try this. Or visit a Clarins counter and let one of their advisers help find a oil more suited to your skin type.
Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil costs 53USD for 30ml (I purchased it from Duty Free) and is available at Clarins counters in Wojooh, Areej, Paris Gallery and Sephora.

2 thoughts on “Oil up – Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil Review

  1. Hi! Thank you for the helpful blog post. I too use Proactive, and it leaves my skin tight & dry, but blemish free! I have a sample of Clarins oil I’m going to try. On the days that you used the oil, did you also use proactive products? If so, did you use the oil or the proactive moisturizer on your face first? Thanks, any advice you have would be helpful!


    1. I am so glad you like my post 🙂 I use Proactive every other day so I use the oil on the days I don’t use Proactive. I am not sure if the ingredients in the oil might react with Proactive if you decide to use them together. Hope this helps and please do ask if you have any more questions…


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