I love – Ponds Flawless White BB Cream Review

Ponds Flawless White BB Cream
Ponds Flawless White BB Cream

After much thought I decided to write my first post about this great BB cream which has been my go-to product these days. Every few months my skin decides to go on a rampage by sprouting acne like crazy. Even though Pro-Active helps my acne heal, I am always left with dry skin and ugly red/purple marks which takes a long time to heal. As some of you might know acne medicine is very drying and flaky dry skin and makeup do not mix very well.I have tried a lot of foundations and BB creams to cover them but this seems to be the only thing that conceals them enough so I have confidence to go out without a paper bag over my head !

The cream has a very light oil free texture and gives my face light to medium coverage. But can be build up in thin layers to cover trouble spots.Most amazing thing about this BB cream is that it makes my face more even toned and luminous. And a major bonus provides SPF 30. With continuous use it does tend to fade my acne scars a bit and has improve my skin tone.

This comes in a 25g squeeze tube that retails for around AED35 is available in 2 shades (Light/Beige) and is available in all Supermarkets. The tube may look small but it lasted me for about 3 months.

Overall, I recommend you give this a go if you are curious about stepping in to the confusing world of BB creams.

*This product was purchased by me.


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